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What We Can Do For You

A Broad Range of Services
Technology Assessment and Freedom to Operate
  • Assess the technology portfolio in consultation with your in-house scientific and business development team to evaluate global scope of potential market exclusivity and alignment with company objectives
  • Identify and evaluate potential FTO issues using state of the art patent analytic tools
  • Develop exclusivity and IP strategies to enhance competitive value and manage FTO risk.
  • Develop offensive and defensive enforcement strategies and licensing programs
Strategic: IP Procurement
  • Strategic development, oversight and management of US and foreign patent and trademark portfolios
  • Set up, develop and manage patent prosecution practices, whether in-house or at a law firm (that we can help you select)
  • Development of brand protection strategies, including counseling and registration of trade mark, design patents and trade dress
  • Trade secret protection and enforcement strategies and programs
  • Filing and perfecting rights concerning copyrights, DMCA and Open Source matters
  • Advising on selection of specialized prosecution counsel for companies without in-house legal capability
Technology Transactions
  • Negotiate various technology-related transactions including acquisitions, R&D collaborations, joint ventures, IP licenses, clinical trial and sponsored research agreements, CRADAs and the like
  • Assist you in planning and managing technology transactions.
  • Infringement, validity and product clearance/right to use analyses and opinions
  • IP due diligence investigations for investors, targets or others involved in transactions
Competitive IP Strategy
  • Creation and analysis of business and product development plans
  • IP audits to locate and mine relevant IP rights
  • Alignment of IP and business strategies to maximize shareholder value
  • Competitive analysis of market trends and competitor actions
  • Development of IP enforcement and defensive strategies and programs, including use of latest data analytic techniques
Litigation Services
  • Pre-suit investigations, opinions and advisory recommendations
  • Enforcing and defending against IP assertions in federal district court and in proceedings at the US Patent & Trademark Office or foreign tribunals, including the European Patent Office
  • Post-grant review proceedings at the US Patent & Trademark Office, including inter partes and other post grant reviews, and covered business method patent proceedings
  • Work closely with in-house counsel to strategize and manage litigation
  • Management and oversight of outside litigation counsel for companies without in-house legal capability
  • Handling and/or advising on IP-related appeals to the Federal Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court
  • Settlement, mediation and neutral resolution services